Friday, May 30, 2008


My sweet wonderful husband has been working so hard on all of our projects. We have been frantically working on the basement so we can have more visitors and more space. We also just poured thrirty yards of concrete, which is a lot of concrete. Jared has the b-ball court he has always wanted, now he just has to save for that hoop he has always wanted. We also poured an RV pad and sidewalk. My dad and brothers came to do concrete and we are much appreciative for all their help. I also had a little honey-do thing called a costco swingset that took about 18 man hours to put up. Jared does such a good job and has become quite the handy man.


McCord loves outside and getting as dirty as possible. He is gettting excited to start preschool in the fall. He is officially potty trained and lets everyone know it. He is our little mischief maker including painting the swingset, magic markers on the furniture and hiding things. He keeps us busy and laughing.

St. George

We love St. George. It has been great. We can't believe it has already been 6 months. We will see how we handle the hot summer, but so far we love everything about St. George. Our neighbors and ward have been wonderful too. The boys love playing outside and we have done a lot of hikes and playing already and somehow manage to always bring the red dirt inside.


Carson graduated from preschool and is so excited for kindergarten he can hardly wait. He just finished teeball and loved it. He memorized his schedule and who had team treats. He also played Jr. Jazz this year. He is a sport's nut just like his dad. I am not sure I'm ready to be a sport's mom, but I guess it is already here. Carson is a great big brother and has lots of new friends in St. George. He loves visitors and always says he is willing to give up his bed. He just started Safety School and is looking forward to summer vacations.